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World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen – new advertising ambassador for Unibet Casino

Magnus Carlsen is the new advertising ambassador for Unibet Casino. What was intended as a signal of departure for online gambling in Norway is now a pure cooperation between the chess world champion and the gambling provider. Carlsen has even left the Norwegian Chess Federation and has his own motivation for working with Unibet. The cooperation will focus on global activities and will not be specifically aimed at the Norwegian market.

Magnus Carlsen supports Unibet

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen will be Unibet Casino’s “Global Ambassador” for the next two years. The gambling provider will thus become the main sponsor of the sportsman. Before it could come to this, however, numerous talks and negotiations were necessary. The cooperation was originally intended as a signal of departure for gambling in Norway. When this failed, Carlsen and Unibet sought a different form of cooperation.

Carlsen seems very much looking forward to his new task, as he talks a lot about it in the social networks and informs his followers. He also held a press conference together with Unibet where he explained the basics of the cooperation. He then released a promotional film presenting the collaboration. So it seems that the world chess champion is completely absorbed in his new role and is just made for it.

Unibet is very active in the world of online casinos

With Carlsen, Unibet has gained a successful, sympathetic and opinionated ally. He represents his positions clearly and forcefully and is able to inspire his followers and win them over to an idea. But Carlsen will certainly also benefit greatly from the cooperation. After all, Unibet is one of the most successful global providers of games of chance and online casinos. Among other things, offers the opportunity to try out the various gambling offers.

Unibet has been active in the world of online gambling for over 20 years and therefore knows exactly how the market works. The provider has anticipated and helped shape various trends, which has given it a very good standing in the industry today. As Carlsen’s sponsor, Unibet is now taking a step out of the internet and into the world of analogue sports. Both sides hope to enrich and advance each other.

Carlsen’s motivation for the cooperation with Unibet

One of Carlsen’s motivations for cooperation is that he and Unibet would share “common values and interests”. For example, he is enthusiastic about an “analytical approach to gambling”, which also applies to the work of the gambling provider. Accordingly, they see many useful foundations for cooperation and hope that their collaboration will help and strengthen each other.

There is also a promotional film about the cooperation between Unibet and Carlsen. This was produced by Unibet and is now available online. Carlsen has published and shared this promotional film to show how much he is looking forward to his new role and cooperation with Unibet. The video is well received by his followers. Many wish him luck and success in his new role and will continue to follow his activities with interest.

The cooperation follows a global approach

Unibet and Carlsen explicitly emphasise that their work would be aimed directly at a global audience. The aim is to have a global presence and to create added value both for chess and for the world of online casinos. However, they say that focusing on Norway and trying to sneak into the market through the back door will not succeed. Carlsen did not let it be known whether he regretted this development or whether he was resigned to it. His resignation from the chess federation was a strong sign, but now he seems to want to concentrate more on the future and his new challenges.

At the press conference, Carlsen emphasised that “in accordance with Norwegian law” he would not pursue his cooperation with Unibet in Norway, but rather tackle global challenges. So politically, for the time being, everything will remain the same. Norway remains true to its restrictive attitude towards gambling and the influential chess federation will not lobby for this to change. A new regulation of the gambling industry, such as that which will take place in Germany as a result of the new State Treaty on Gambling, is therefore not to be expected for Norway in the near future.

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