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Chess in the Online Casino? No problem with Chess Slot Machines!

Chess in the Online Casino? No problem with Chess Slot Machines!

shutterstock 740139466 - Chess in the Online Casino? No problem with Chess Slot Machines!

Granted, real chess according to the conventional rules cannot be played in an online casino. However, there are numerous online slots, i.e. slot machine games, which have taken up the topic of chess. Titles such as Chess Mate, The Kingdom of Chess or Treasure Chess bring the advantages of chess and slot machines together. On the one hand, users can find the figures of the chess game again, from pawn to queen – and on the other hand, stakes can be increased easily and through fast game rounds. At the end of the day, a chess friend can even overthrow the king with a big jackpot.

Slots in the Online Casino

In general, slot machines can be divided into two large groups: Online casino slots and regular machines in amusement arcades or casinos. But why this division? Because there are many advantages of online slots and therefore some disadvantages of their offline brothers. For example, the payout rate, which offline averages between 60 and 70%. Online, players can expect payout rates of 89 to 99 %. This is partly due to the fact that online casinos are in constant competition with other casino sites. That’s why they usually offer an extensive welcome bonus, loyalty points, VIP programmes and other special services. In a regular casino you will not find these.

Chess and gambling – how do they go together?

Take for example the Las Vegas slot machine “Treasure Chess”, which you can see in this video in action. This slot machine game is about the beautiful and intellectual things in life. In addition to jewellery, precious stones and shiny coins, there are also chessmen on the reels. These do not only act with each other, but also against each other. At the top of the screen you can see the already collected pieces of the virtual opponent. The more of these pieces you have collected, the more you win. And the good thing about many offline machines: They are also available online in a better version!

Find the right online casino with real money betting

If you have now become interested in playing online slots, then I would like to advise against choosing the first best provider after a search engine query. There are not only dozens of reputable online casino sites, but also some black sheep. And these lurk behind many a good-looking search result. Instead, you should rely on tests and experiences of real users as well as professional reporters. I have, if I have aroused your interest, selected an authentic and reputable online casino platform where you can find an online casino with real money.

Win real money with chess and win jackpots

Okay, the rules of the board game can’t really be applied to vending machine games. On the other hand, these games are not so exhausting, require less mental effort, bring faster game rounds and are often very lucrative. If you play for real money, you can also hope to win prizes or, in some slots, a jackpot. Moreover, online casinos offer another advantage: almost all games can also be played for free as a demo. Apart from slot machines, this also applies to table game software such as roulette, poker, blackjack, etc.



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