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Chess Tournament Reminders

Chess Tournament Reminders

Featured image Chess Tournament Reminders - Chess Tournament Reminders

There are thousands of chess tournaments throughout a year. People of all ages take on the challenge and only the best emerge victoriously. If you are about to enter a tournament yourself or maybe host one, here are important reminders you need to keep in mind.

More than 10 rounds

Featured image Chess Tournament Reminders More than 10 rounds - Chess Tournament Reminders

Before, 10 rounds were the advised number of rounds for chess tournaments. However, several organisations quickly decided 10 rounds are not enough. There is the chance of winning, losing, draw, and results by default. Let’s say your opponent got cold feet or maybe you did.

These days, most of the biggest chess tournaments in the world including the World Championships are sticking to 11 rounds and more. But, an 11-round is the most common for many competitions.

Why go beyond 10?

Players and organisers alike agreed that 10 rounds are not enough to determine the top winners. That is why they need extra or extras to make sure.

Know your chess

Featured image Chess Tournament Reminders Know your chess - Chess Tournament Reminders

Before you sign-up for a tournament, make sure that it’s the right chess format you want. There is traditional and speed chess. You might not be able to cope with the pressure of speed chess.

Then there is puzzle chess, which involves puzzle solving to win. Most Chess Grandmasters are skilled in all three types of chess competitions.

Livestream Tournaments Online

Featured image Chess Tournament Reminders Livestream Tournaments Online - Chess Tournament Reminders

Chess is not big compared to basketball and football in terms of action. Well, that does not mean people can’t get excited with every move. More and more organisations these days are live streaming competitions online for thousands of people to watch. This will also help boost the global chess community to new heights and attract new sponsors.


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